I want to translate the polygon in this shapefile (PMNM_py.shp, http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/library/imast/pmnm_py.zip) from its initial position (NW of Hawaii) to central Europa to give somebody living in Europa an idea of the massive scale of this marine sanctuary using QGIS.

I can move it via editing mode/view->select features/edit->move feature(s) to its new position but I don't see the shape getting distorted (This should happen because I move the poly to another location in the same projection).

What am i doing wrong?


translating/moving features was the wrong concept for comparing the size of geographic areas with each other on one static map. I solved it with using costum CRS (azimuthal orthographic) for different layers. one for the basemap and the shape of the sanctuary (center of projecion = centroid of sanctuary) and one for the map of europa (center of projecion = city of zurich). important for this case was to dissable 'on the fly' CRS transformation in the project properties.

enter image description here

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