I didn´t find an easy solution for my problem. Im working with QGIS and i got one shapefile but i want to implement two atributes together.

  1. I need to make a bubble with different sizes based on attribute column 1 (Values 0-2) and
  2. the color in the bubble Should to be adjusted based on attribute column 2 (Values from 0 - 50, 5 colors (0-10=red, 10-20=yellow, etc.).

The color in the bubble should fill out the whole bubble. Can you help me?

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You can use a Graduated style to control the colors of your symbols (as usual) then to control the size of the bubbles you can click on the Symbol -> Change... button and set the size value to an expression.

enter image description here

  • Thanks, but this is not helping me, i need to auto-include the sizes from annother column. I don´t want to adjust everything manually...
    – Philipp B.
    Nov 22, 2016 at 13:30
  • that's what the expression is for it controls the size of all the bubbles based on an attribute
    – Ian Turton
    Nov 22, 2016 at 13:40
  • i got it now! it works!! Super awesome, thanks for your help!
    – Philipp B.
    Nov 22, 2016 at 14:49

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