I would need to update the radius of existing circle object in esri/geometry/Circle.

I've tried this code but doesn't work as expected.

var radiusSymbol = new SimpleFillSymbol(SimpleFillSymbol.STYLE_SOLID,
        new SimpleLineSymbol(SimpleLineSymbol.STYLE_DASHDOT, new Color([255, 223, 71]), 2)
        ,new Color([255,255,0,0.25])

var pointX = new Point({
            longitude: X.longitude,
            latitude: X.latitude
var circle = new Circle(
                geodesic: true,
                radius: 2,
                radiusUnit: units.METERS

var graphicRadius = new Graphic(circle, radiusSymbol);

Whenever new radius value and new lat&long are received, I need to update the circle with new radius value.

 var newCircle = new Circle(
            geodesic: true,
            radius: newRadius,
            radiusUnit: units.METERS

    graphicRadius = new Graphic(newCircle, radiusSymbol);

It's not throwing errors but the circle is getting disappeared.

I hope there is setRadius method to use but it seems either I don't know how or not exist.

solved with graphicRadius.setGeometry(newCircle ,radiusSymbol);

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The language you are using to try to do this does not appear to be ArcPy.

Here's a solution for JavaScript 4.x (using this sample)

  var circle = new Circle({
    center: point,
    geodesic: true,
    radius: 200000,
    radiusUnit: "meters"

  var circleGraphic = new Graphic({
    geometry: circle,
    symbol: fillSymbol
  • Thanks Kenbuja for the comment but I don't have an issue on creating circle. I would like to know how to update the existing circle with new radius value. Let say there are 5 circles with 2 meters radius on my current map. I am receiving new radius value for some of existing circle via web socket. Whenever I tried to update the circle (newCircle and newRadius on my above source code) those circle gets disappeared from the map while the other circles remains. – Julia Nov 27 '16 at 13:32

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