I am trying to change the appearance of the QGIS-Vertexmarker that is used when snapping is active and vertex/segment is found where you can snap to.

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I think i found the code snippet where in the cpp files the appearance of this vertexmarker is set:

void QgsMapToolCapture::cadCanvasMoveEvent( QgsMapMouseEvent * e )
  QgsMapToolAdvancedDigitizing::cadCanvasMoveEvent( e );
  bool snapped = e->isSnapped();
  QgsPoint point = e->mapPoint();

  if ( !snapped )
    delete mSnappingMarker;
    mSnappingMarker = nullptr;
    if ( !mSnappingMarker )
      mSnappingMarker = new QgsVertexMarker( mCanvas );
      mSnappingMarker->setIconType( QgsVertexMarker::ICON_CROSS );
      mSnappingMarker->setColor( Qt::magenta );
      mSnappingMarker->setPenWidth( 3 );
    mSnappingMarker->setCenter( point );


In the PyQGIS-API I haven't found an entry for the QgsMapToolCapture so I have no idea how to change the Snapping Marker using PyQGIS.

Any idea how I can change the color, size and marker-style for the SnappingMarker?

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