I'm wondering what is the difference between Reclassify tool and Slice tool while using Natural Breaks method.

Below some output from Reclassify tool - 5 class; Natural Breaks (Jenks) method:

enter image description here

Here output from Slice tool - Slice Method: Natural Breaks, 5 zones

enter image description here

enter image description here

Those two raster are very similar but they're not the same. Maybe You can see it better here:

enter image description here

I'll be very glad if anyone could tell me why those two raster are not the same. They both using Natural Breaks method.

Maybe Slice using different algorithm than Jenks?

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My guess is that the two tools, while similar, use different algorithms. They are both used for reclassifying data, but they work slightly differently. Looking at the Overview of the Reclass toolset, the Reclass tool is used for reclassifying individual values. However, the Slice tool is used for reclassifying a range of values.

This is somewhat confusing, but the example used in the Slice concept page might clear it up. Also, the slice documentation states that:

Slice works best on data that is normally distributed. When using input raster data that is skewed, the output result may not contain all of the classes that you had expected or specified.

I also found Why is quantile reclassification method yielding classes of vastly different cell counts? which indicates that converting the raster to integer may give better results.

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