I worked with plugin data source using file data and it worked fine as given here. For MongoDB I downloaded the code given in GitHub and compiled it and registered it with categories.

How can I use this in ArcMap like will I get a new connection option in Add new database connection? I do not know how I will implement this.

For Simple file I used Java code and deployed the jar file to ArcGIS by placing the JAR file in the <ArcGIS Install Dir>\java\lib\ext folder and when I opened ArcCatalog I saw the custom file as a feature class.

For Mongo I used the .Net code but I do not know after registering the dll with categories page how it can be accessed in ArcMap. i.e. How i can connect to MongoDB in ArcCatalog?


You need implement interface IPlugInCreateWorkspace in class MongoDBWorkspacePluginFactory . Here you can see a sample https://github.com/nicogis/MongoDBPlugIn/blob/98484f8738ad697f97a5ed7a63a924342308a072/MongoDBPlugIn/MongoDBWorkspacePluginFactory.cs#L48

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