I have some CityGML buildings and I imported them into postgis database using 3d citydatabase. I want to generate points on buildings surfaces just like in the shown image. Building surfaces are stored as polygonz surfaces in Postgis. How can I generate points on these 3d polygon surfaces? Are there any function of postgis for this? Or are there any algorithm for this purpose ? Can I create a function in postgis for this purpose?enter image description here

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    Your questions are interesting, but there are too many of them -- this format encourages one clear question. Yes, you can always create a function. But, first, perhaps an example of one of you polygons. You say in the title regular points, regular how? The is a function ST_PointOnSurface which works in 3d, but your question as is stands is far too vague to know if that might help or not. – John Powell Nov 29 '16 at 16:55
  • with "regular" I mean equally spaced points. For instance, distances between every point must be 2 meters. Is it possible via ST_PointOnSurface? @JohnBarça – user51044 Nov 29 '16 at 18:00

This is doable though probably more complicated than you described. A plan is to :

  1. Extract all surfaces from CityGML. I have a tool that can do this for individual buildings. On another note, FME is a really good tool to convert CityGML to triangle mesh.
  2. sample points from this mesh. There are many tools, you can check this tool that we have.

I have also written a blog post on similar matters here.

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