I am trying to convert Modis terra Level 2 data 3KM swath i.e "MOD04_3K" from HDF to GeoTiff. I am using Modis Swath tool. When I input my file it gives an error saying "BAD or missing Total_BANDS values". When I input the file for Level 2 data 10 km swath it does not give any error. Questions:

  1. What is the problem with 3 KM swath data i.e giving "BAD or missing Total_BANDS values error"

  2. When I try to Run tool for 10 Km swath it asks for Geolocation file. I have no idea about Geolocation file. It does not come with the downloaded MODIS file.

Or if u can suggest any other tool for reprojection of MODIS data and the conversion from HFD to GeoTiff


It's a bug, MRTSwath has problems with V006 collection, I don't know why (MRTSwath last version is from 2010, it's too old). Try with HEG.

For geolocation file, go to Level-1 and Atmosphere Archive & Distribution System. You'll find MOD03 Geolocation 1 km file.

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