Got a leaflet map with some features and a button with a search function. A marker is shown at the lat,long where the feature is found. A click on the feature shows a popup.

heres the code for the feature popup:

 function pop_Alle(feature, layer) {
   var popupContent = '<table><tr><th scope="row">BEZ</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['BEZ'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">NAME</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['NAME'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">TELEFON</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['TELEFON'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">OEFFNUNG</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['OEFFNUNG'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">WWW</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['WWW'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">EMAIL</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['EMAIL'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">STRASSE</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['STRASSE'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">ORT</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['ORT'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">BEMERKUNG</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['BEMERKUNG'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">PLZ</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['PLZ'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">Hkat</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['Hkat'])) + '</td></tr><tr><th scope="row">Nkat</th><td>' + Autolinker.link(String(feature.properties['Nkat'])) + '</td></tr></table>';

    function doStyleAlle() {
        return {
            radius: 0.0,
            fillColor: '#e31a1c',
            color: '#000000',
            weight: 0.0,
            opacity: 1.0,
            dashArray: '',
            fillOpacity: 0.0

    function doPointToLayerAlle(feature, latlng) {
        return L.circleMarker(latlng, doStyleAlle())
    var json_AlleJSON = new L.geoJson(json_Alle, {
        onEachFeature: pop_Alle, 
        pointToLayer: doPointToLayerAlle

    var searchName = new L.Control.Search({layer: L.featureGroup([json_AlleJSON]) ,
textPlaceholder: 'Bitte einen Suchbegriff eingeben',
propertyName: 'NAME',
circleLocation: false,
zoom: null});

var marker;
searchName.on('search_locationfound', function(e) {

e.layer.setStyle({radius: 5.0, fillColor: 'red', color: 'red', fillOpacity: 1});

   marker = new L.Marker(e.latlng);
   marker.on('click', markerOnClick);


    function markerOnClick(e) {

How can I open the popup of the feature by clicking its marker?

I thought it might work with e.layer.openPopup().openOn(map); but unfortunately it doesn't

Edit: Tried both and its not working:

marker = new L.Marker(e.latlng).bindPopup(popupContent);

marker = new L.Marker(e.latlng).setContent(popupContent).open(onMap);

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looks like you bind popup to the feature but not to the marker,


marker = new L.Marker(e.latlng).bindPopup(content);

to bind popup to marker

it will open popup when you click on marker

you can also try:


to open popup wherever you click on map

  • yeah ur right. but how can i bind "popupContent" to the marker? marker = new L.Marker(e.latlng).bindPopup(popupContent); not working... same with marker = new L.Marker(e.latlng).setContent(popupContent).open(onMap); my primary idea was not to add a popup to the marker but to open the popupContent of the feature by clicking its marker.
    – howard.D
    Dec 2, 2016 at 17:46
  • you can refer to leaflet document link to bind popup.
    – yiyanggis
    Dec 4, 2016 at 3:32
  • to do accomplish your primary idea, adding an event when you click the marker to trigger the popup binding with the feature to open.
    – yiyanggis
    Dec 4, 2016 at 3:34

Your code is missing the parameters for the layer.bindPopup(popupContent). As such I would add:

layer.bindPopup(popupContent(feature, layer, name, desc, lat, lon));

to complete your code.

Also, you might want to store your markers in a collection as well.

  • the popup for my feature works perfectly by clicking the feature. what iam looking for is a click function for its marker to open the popup. i updated the whole code above
    – howard.D
    Nov 30, 2016 at 18:15

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