I am using ArcGIS for Desktop, and attempting to create a runoff mode for a water course and the surrounding floodplain.

I have depth data in the form of contours, given as 3D-polylines. Each line has an attibute which shows the depth at each line but i need the z-value instead since i need to merge the depth contours with an existing elevation model outside of the water course. In order to do that i have to have the elevation as an attribute (a z-field in the attibute table) for each line. How can give each line the Z-value as an attribute?

When i extract the vertices i use add xy-data which gives me the z-value. I wish to do something similar but for the polylines. Each lines has only one z-value assigned to it which is clear when reviewing the z-value in each vertex.


You can do this with Add Z Information. For lines you can choose between minimum, maximum and mean Z, which should all be equivalent in your case if the lines have only oneZ.

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