Both GDAL and QGIS's raster calculator index raster bands starting at 1. This is different than the usual 0 indexed convention that one finds in programming. And despite Googling, I'm unable to find if band indexing from 1 is a standard convention, or a byproduct of GDAL's convention. Does anyone know if it is standard convention to refer to a raster's band as 1 based indexing?

For context, I'm developing an API for raster processing and I need to allow the API to express which bands to operate over. My intuition would be to index them from 0, but I wonder since these industry standard tools do otherwise.


I would say it is a definitely a convention that is common and widespread. If you look at the satellite world, you will see the same 1-based numbering in the radiometric bands.

Landsat bands.

MODIS bands.

Sentinel-2 bands.

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