I spent the whole day trying to install GDAL binding for Python. And now it seems to work. At least this import statement now does not produce any error messages:

from osgeo import gdal

now I want to use this creature, which is supposed for creating tiles.I tried two different ways:

import gdal_retile


from osgeo import gdal_retile

But they do not work.

How can I use this functionality?


gdal_retile.py is a Python script that makes use of the GDAL Python bindings but cannot be imported as a class or function. Depending on your GDAL version (>2.0) you can import most gdal utilities (gdalwarp, gdal_translate, ...) but not the Python scripts.

You can look at the source code of gdal_retile.py and pick out the functions you want to use and import them.

Alternatively you can call it as is (a command line utility) with subprocess.

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