I am working on a (hobby) project where I am processing gps data (GeoJSON LineStrings) in which this often occurs. I am looking for a solution using JavaScript because I would like to do this client-side.

I am already using leafletjs and turfjs but to my knowledge they both are missing this feature.

note: I opened an issue (as feature request to extend turf.kinks so it covers LineString as well) with the hope turf will cover this gap one day -> https://github.com/Turfjs/turf/issues/528


You could try the JSTS topology suite. Here is a description of the process for polygons you could adapt to your needs.

geojson-utils does not have a self-intersection check per se but, by iterating over the segments of a line you cold use its line-intersection function to test for self intersection. This approach is a bit bit more 'roll-your-own' but would work.

  • thanks. I also searched a lot and stumbled over the article describing JSTS. still a bit reluctant to use because it also looks a bit "roll-your-own" :) – udo Dec 6 '16 at 12:39

turf.kinks now covers LineString as well and returns the coordinates of self-intersections.

note: the issue I opened (https://github.com/Turfjs/turf/issues/528) has been fixed by the turfjs team.

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