I would like to forecast land use changes by implementing the Cellular Automata (CA) Markov Chain models in R software. I have the classified LULC maps from 3 times periods (1992,2003,2014), and also the Markov transition probabilities matrices. However, I was not able to find any implementation in R that project land use using the CA Markov chain. I would like to predict for 2025.

Does anyone know if is any implementation in R for projecting LULC, similar to the one implemented in IDRISI with the module (CA-Markov)?

Or anyone knows a way of predict LULC in R using the CA-Markov?

  • Did you find the answer of your problem. I am having problems in the same subject – catr Mar 10 '17 at 19:07

have you checked The markovchain Package: A Package for Easily Handling Discrete Markov Chains in R?

the documentations has some examples that could be applied to LUCC.

have a look at the documentation here:


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