I would like to combine the workflow of fuzzy membership and weighted overlay for a suitability analysis and would like to ask if this is "allowed" scientifically.

I have severeal criteria, some would first use Fuzzy Membership to get a membership value from 0-1, some other criteria do not use Fuzzy Membership before (they get a Value from 0-10 through another method).

Then I would standardize the fuzzy value...multiply it with 10, that all criteria have values from 0-10.

After that I wouldn't use "Fuzzy Overlay", but I would use "Weighted Sum" and weight all criteria.

Now my question is: Is this "allowed" to combine Fuzzy membership and Weighted Overlay, or do I have to use "fuzzy overlay" when I work with fuzzy memberships? I would use "Fuzzy Membership" just for the standardization.

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That I believe your approach is completely valid. You are using a function to assign suitability values, the fact that the function is implemented in Fuzzy Membership tool does not mean that you can not use it in another context.


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