I downloaded NDVI greeness data from the USGS Integrated Vegetation Mapping Viewer. In the metadata it says that visual greenness values range from 0 to 100. My data is from the period ending 3/5/12 in the NYC area my data table values only range from 0 to 68 which makes sense since it's winter. I need to display the data in terms of percent, which seems easy enough, but has me hung up. When I load the raster into the dataframe you can see that the values in the table of contents range from 105 to 255 (the BinValues). I think I am having trouble understanding the actual data within the raster and how to manipulate it in order to obtain %. The data is also in GCS (NAD83) and I will have to project it into Albers Equal Area to match my other datasets assigning the cell size to that of another dataset as well (30m) so I have to use a bilinear sampling. I am a newbie at this so I hope this makes sense. Thanks.


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