I have this kind of csv attribute table:

297945203711 2009.08.31             MO          1            KS    60
297945203711 2009.08.31             MO          2            KU    50
297945303711 2009.08.31             SS          1            MA    60
297945303711 2009.08.31             SS          1            KS    60
297945403711 2009.08.31             JO          1            HB    NA

As you can see, there are 3 different ID codes. I have also a map in QGIS and I want to join this attribute table and the map together but the problem is that when I use the button "info" in QGIS and click on the map then it shows me only information about one row not all of them (which have the same IDs).

For example, if I click somewhere in the map where's a patch with ID 297945303711 then it only shows me: 2009.08.31, SS, 1, MA, 60 and not 2009.08.31, SS, 1, KS, 60.


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At the time of question, it required either relation or virtual layer approach.

Now there is a new function Join attributes by field value which can handle one-to-many relationship.

enter image description here

You have ID codes in both layers, so just assign it to both Table field and Table field 2.

enter image description here

This tool duplicates the feature to accommodate multiple input records.

Also note the last record in the above example ID= 297945403711 does not have any corresponding data in your CSV, so it ends up with blank cells other than the data from original feature.

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