I am new to qgis. When I am using rule based styling, duplicates for some reason show all the matching symbols and not only the first match rule's symbol. How do I make show only one symbol even if it matches more then one rule? rules I used


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As far as I know you cannot.
To achieve your result (not having overlaps of different symbols) you have to refine your rules to exclude this possibility. Such as:

"TOPO"=1 AND "COVER"<> 1

For your base symbol (Other), you should use the rule:


Indeed, the way it currently works is useful if you want to superpose information or create more complicated symbolisation and legends.

And, just in case it helps, you can create a hierarchy in the rules, by dragging one (sub) rule over another. For example:
enter image description here
The "Diameter" > 250 rule here will only apply to the features in clay (but the symbols will superpose).

  • I just need the rules to be IF condition1 : symbol = symbol1 ELSE IF condition2 : symbol = symbol2 ... ELSE : symbol = symbol3 and not IF condition1 : symbol = symbol1n IF condition2 : symbol = symbol2 ... symbol = symbol3 no way to make it work?
    – nivkeren
    Dec 8, 2016 at 7:26
  • Sadly I do not know how to do so, especially for symbols. Hopefully somebody will come up with a better answer.
    – Victor
    Dec 8, 2016 at 10:30

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