I have a web site with an OpenLayers client. I also have a GeoServer running on the same domain. My OpenLayers uses services like WMS, GML, etc. from this GeoServer installation and everything runs fine.

Now, I want to add another WMS layer to my existing set of layers. This layer is provided by a third-party WMS (not owned by me). How can I add this layer to my OpenLayers by bypassing the cross-domain issue.

PS: I am aware that GeoServer allows adding third-party WMS as a new data store and lets me publish the available layers, but I am facing some projection issues there which I will be asking in a different question.

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You only need a proxy if you are looking to do WFS or WMS GetFeatureInfo requests. Basic WMS requests should work out of the box in OpenLayers (or any other client).


I'm not sure about GeoServer, but in OpenLayers you can use 3rd party WMS directly. All you need is set up ProxyHost.

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