I'm trying to overlay a floor plan of a building to the app I've built using the site:


I have path segments and nodes drawn inside the image that I would like to be able to use my phone to navigate from my GPS location to whatever room number I specify (which has a node). I can't publish the file to any ArcGIS server because I have signed an NDA concerning the CAD files for the floor plans.

In short, how can I overlay the .mxd file onto the ArcGIS map in my Android application?

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Short answer is you cannot overlay a *.mxd file using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android. Using the current version of the SDK, v100.0.0, with ArcGIS Pro you can create a mobile map package and consume that in the SDK. You would have to convert your CAD files to feature layer/data in ArcMap so it can be used in your mobile map package and coupled with network data in the mobile map package to navigate.

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