I am new user of ArcGIS. I have some basic knowledge such as, add data as layers, find and download map as my related study, I am also familiar with common tools in ArcGIS like joining and selection tools.

As student in a class, I have an assignment to make shortest path using dijkstra algorithm in one week. Even I do this in short time, I have further interest to learn more about GIS field. Unfortunately I don't know which step that I have to take to study especially for finish my assignment. I have search study material in internet but they have further implementation and lack of basic knowledge

Is there any references from basic practical knowledge to make shortest path analysis with dijkstra algorithm with ArcGIS map software?

After this I look further to use this analysis to make shortest path analysis with dijkstra algorithm to handle flood as disaster management.

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Dikstra algorithm is already implemented in ArcGIS for two extensions :

  • Network analyst, which works on vector-based network

  • Spatial analyst, which works with raster (cost distance)

If you want to make your own implementation of the Dijkstra algorithm, I think that the best way is to start working with python. Follow the Wikipedia description to build it.

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