I am generating some maps with the python standalone scripting in QGIS. When i load Polygon shapefile with the CH1903 / LV03 CRS ( EPSG-21781) and fetching SQL database table having WGS1984 CRS (EPSG-4326) sequence of Layers are as follows

  1. Polygon Shapefile ( CH1903 / LV03 CRS -EPSG-21781)
  2. SQL Database table (WGS1984 CRS -EPSG-4326)
  3. Output Map units is in CH1903 / LV03 CRS -EPSG-21781 for Manually added layers
  4. Output Map units is in WGS1984 CRS -EPSG-4326) for standalone script with same shapefile and same data.

Now my question is how to change CRS transformation in standalone script where i will get correct output in the form of CH1904 CRS after loading shapefile and point layer data from SQL database.

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You may change the CRS of a layer using qgis reprojection algorithm qgis:reprojectlayer algorithm like this:


You're not obligated to save the output layer

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