I have 2 vector layers:

1) Polygons with parcel-boundaries

2) Polygon with project-boundaries

I want to query all the parcels that are within the project-area, using spatial query 'select parcels that intersect project-area'. Works fine, so far no problem.

The parcel-layer however is a layer that is often subject to changes. Instead of always renewing the spatial query, I want to embed the query in a layer or project. So that every time when I open the layer/project, I automatticaly get the current parcels within the project-area.

Can this be done in QGIS? In Mapinfo it was very easy but I'm walking over to Qgis, so it would be great not to lose this ability!

  • I assume you're using Shapefiles? – DPSSpatial Dec 9 '16 at 15:48

Using shapefiles, you can create a layer that is a 'memory spatial view' with the QGIS DB Manager.

If I have schools and neighborhoods, they show up as Virtual Layers in the QGIS DB Manager. I can create a query that only shows me the points within a particular neighborhood with this query:

enter image description here

Here's the SQL:

, n."NBHD_ID"
, sch.geometry
from 'schools' as sch
join 'neighborhoods'as n on ST_Intersects(sch.geometry, n.geometry)
where  n."NBHD_ID" = '41'

Now at the bottom of the DB Manager is the 'load as new layer' option. To get your query to save as a virtual layer, enable these settings:

enter image description here

Now in my map, the virtual layer shows up with the points defined in the query:

enter image description here

Now save this QGIS document.

Note: you might need the Memory Layer Saver plugin enabled.

So I did a test where in a new QGIS document I created a new school point in the same NHood my spatial 'view' queries. Sure enough when I opened up the QGIS document with the spatial view layer, the new point showed up!

I think this would work just fine for what you're describing.

  • Thanks! This helped me a lot to find a solution to my problem. – Jonas Dec 13 '16 at 11:52
  • @Jonas Great! If you could mark that as your answer, I'd appreciate it! – DPSSpatial Dec 13 '16 at 15:36

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