I'm trying to download OpenLayers Plugin - 1.1.0 from

http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/plugins.xml but I'm getting something like this in settings

This plugin is incompatible... error

Where can I get an OpenLayers plugin compatible with QGIS 2.14?


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The standard way to install any plugin compatible with the version of QGIS you are using is to use the Manage and Install Plugins option from the QGIS Plugin menu.

Manage and Install Plugins

Search for the Plugin you want and install:

Installing the OpenLayers Plugin for QGIS 2.14

For me I can get a compatible version of the OpenLayers plugin for QGIS 2.14 in this way.


If you want to access the official plugin repository for a specific QGIS version, you need to include ?qgis=2.14. So your link should instead be:


From here, we can see that the OpenLayers plugin v1.4.1 (as mentioned by @AndreJ) and various other plugins are compatible with QGIS 2.14.

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