I confused that how to call python gdal module in the path such as gdal_calc.py(C:\Program Files (x86)\GDAL\gdal_calc.py) a test code below,but it don't work.

import os
os.sys('python C:\Program Files (x86)\GDAL\gdal_calc.py -A D:\temp\m2000049.tif -B D:\temp\m2000057.tif --outfile=D:\temp\result.tif --calc=(A+B)')

refect the error:

os.sys('python C:\Program Files (x86)\GDAL\gdal_calc.py -A D:\temp\m2000049.tif -B D:\temp\m2000057.tif --outfile=D:\temp\result.tif --calc=(A+B)') --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TypeError Traceback (most recent call last) in () ----> 1 os.sys('python C:\Program Files (x86)\GDAL\gdal_calc.py -A D:\temp\m2000049.tif -B D:\temp\m2000057.tif --outfile=D:\temp\result.tif --calc=(A+B)')

TypeError: 'module' object is not callable

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  • Might not help but try replacing all backward slashes with a single forward slash. – Joseph Dec 15 '16 at 10:28
  • Try with subprocess.call like this subprocess.call('gdal_calc.py -A file1 -B file2 --outfile=output.tif --calc=(A+B)', shell=True). Add gdal_calc.py path to environment variable afterwards no need to give full path. – S. Thiyaku Dec 15 '16 at 12:14
  • the problem has been solved. after installed winpython environ, it also need to add python path to windows environmental path variable. ps:it looks like that tif path need double quotation mark. – chaobin zhang Dec 15 '16 at 15:00

Did you try below, I think because inputs not parsed correctly :

import os
os.sys('python "C:\Program Files (x86)\GDAL\gdal_calc.py" -A "D:\temp\m2000049.tif" -B "D:\temp\\m2000057.tif" --outfile="D:\temp\\result.tif" --calc="(A+B)" ')

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