I'm not a API person but a GIS user and I would like to export points from a category from Wikimapia to KML or any other useful GIS formats.

Has anyone developed that?

It could be interesting to add the analysis that we need to the data from wikimapia.

  • How do we know the date on this API file? – Rafa Rios May 18 '18 at 21:06
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  • How does openstreetmap and wikimapia handle the quality of geographic information? – sepehr Apr 18 at 6:26

This link will give you the ge.kml file. Open it with Google Earth and you can then export subset POI's to kml.


  • How do you export subset polygons in GE? For example, if one just wanted to export the neighborhood boundaries of city. – AME Apr 2 '12 at 21:21
  • @AME, Right click the feature in the map and select Save Place As... – artwork21 Sep 27 '13 at 18:59

The API can return KML, so you just need to do queries such as:


http://www.geodeg.com can export to KML files from Wikimapia

just enter name, category or location of POI, add them to poi list, and export

example : insurance companies in usa http://www.geodeg.com/search.php?q=insurance&language=&country=220


http://www.motomapia.com/ here we can pan to an area in wikimapia. The feature which become visible are stored in motomapia database. Then we can download the POI directly. The poi is saved as CSV. We can open the .csv file in software's like manifold systems and convert to kml.


I found a good tutorial from 2014 which helps build the wikimapia API query, using an excel file. It did not work smoothly for me, but I looked at what the excel is trying to do and you can fix it manually (for me - I had to manually enter the coordinates in the bbox). If you choose KML format, just add .kml to the file name after it's downloaded, and you can open it in google earth / qgis / arcGIS.


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