Is there a way to find gaps for Hundred Range Street Centerline Segments within the attribute table?

An example that I can think of, is if there is a hundred range street segment that shows 1001-1049 W Adams St and the following centerline segment shows 1071-1099 W Adams St. The missing data can effect our composite address locator and create other issues when there is a gap in the hundred ranges. I

f there was a capability to find which centerline hundred ranges are not continuous within our database it would be useful.


You can convert the ranges to values using python. Then you can compare the continuity of the ranges.

Create two new fields - value1 and value2

In field calculator for value1:


def rangetovalue(strange, value1):
    return strange.split('-')[0]


rangetovalue(!range!, !value1!)

In field calculator for value2:


def rangetovalue(strange, value2):
    return strange.split('-')[1]


rangetovalue(!range!, !value2!)

If you have 10932-10999 in the range field, value1 will get 10932 and value2 will get 10999.

Now you will have to figure out how you want to compare the values.

I suggest that you copy the attributes into excel.

  • Sort the table on Street Name and Value1.
  • Shift 'Value2' down 1 row.
  • Calculate into a new column: Value1-Value2.

If the result is anything other than zero, you know you have a gap.

I hope this helps.

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