I have 168 datasets, and I clearly cannot flip each one. I've tried batch processing but it is still time-consuming because I have to manually assign dataset and I/O path. I need something to do this automatically. I've tried ModelBuilder and so far I have this result:

enter image description here

The only problem with this one is that it overwrites the outputs and the result is only one dataset with the designated name. What I want is for each dataset, the result to be named accordingly (e.g Aprilie_2000 -> Aprilie_2000_flip and Aprilie 2001 -> Aprilie_2001_flip)

I am using ArcMap, how can I automate this process using ModelBuilder?


I just tried this model, using 4 rasters and %Name%_flip on the output, and it worked well.

enter image description here

In this case I chose the same geodatabase, but you can pick another one if you want. enter image description here

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