I have a field that has three entries as strings: "278957", "278961", and "12345678". When I use if/elif/else I can correctly replace the first two conditions in my code below but the problem is that for all entries that do not meet the conditions the values are replaced with . I thought writing "else: dsm == dsm" would preserve the original values if no conditions were met but it instead it overwrites the values to . Where am I going wrong?

def ifDSM(dsm): if dsm == "278957": return "10002343" elif dsm == "278961": return "10000550" else: dsm == dsm

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dsm == dsm is a relational operator that will always be true but returns nothing.

Change your code to:

    return dsm

It looks like on the last line you're doing a comparison operator rather than an assignment, perhaps this is messing up your "else" somehow.

Instead of assigning the value to itself, however, I might use a python continue

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