I'm trying to recreate some network diagrams on a consistent basis based on our geometric network data.

The layout algorithms I'm selecting are getting me close but I can't seem to fine tune the layout task to generate a consistent diagram with the desired layout.

This is the approximate style I'm looking to recreate. The important part is the roughly even distribution of the links / branches.

Excel Drawing

This is roughly what I have going (some of the time) when using the Schematic Editor.

Network Cable with Notes

  • 1A / 1B: These are links that overlap that should not.

  • 2: This is a link that need not extend to the right at all. It would great if it was just a straight link downwards.

  • 3: This branch is an example of where better placement would be on the other side of the main line.

I used a Composite algorithm of the following tasks:

  1. Orthogonal
  2. Relative - Main Line (using a line attribute)
  3. Geo - Rotate Nodes Along Links
  4. Separate Overlapping Links
  5. Square Links
  6. Bypass Nodes

Anyone have a clue as how these tweaks can be achieved?

(This is cross-posted on ESRI's Geonet)

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