I created height layer from google earth from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLbY3iMBW-A. The attribute table of the layer is:

enter image description here

The "ALT" field is the height from. My problem is when i try to create a TIN raster there is no option to choose the ALT field. The only options to choose is the xy coordinates. Why is it?

enter image description here

The QGIS 2.14 can recognized the ALT field, because when test the layer and create categorized style- the QGIS create it:

enter image description here


Probably the field type of ALT is not numeric. Interpolation plugin lists only numeric fields in the Interpolation attribute list. First check the field type in the layer properties dialog (right click on the layer name and properties from the menu and select fields tab). I suppose it is string. enter image description here Use the field calculator to convert text data into a new numeric field. Make your layer editable, open the attribute table, click on Field calculator icon and fill the form like this: enter image description here Now you will see the Z column in the Interpolation plugin (I hope so).

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