I'm trying to use QTiles to generate tiles from a shapefile layer in QGIS 2.18.1. The tiles are for a web map, so my layer CRS is EPSG 3857. But QGIS reports the layer extents in degrees instead of meters: xMin,yMin -111.046,32.1004 : xMax,yMax -110.777,32.2978.

In the JSON metadata produced by QTiles, the extents are extremely wrong:


It appears that QTiles expects the coordinates for an EPSG 3857 layer to be in meters (or EPSG 3857 pseudo-meters) and scales them down by a factor of approximately 111,320 to get degrees. QTiles is rendering a tiny area around 0, 0 and producing only blank tiles.

If I change the layer CRS to EPSG 4326, QTiles produces tiles as expected. But then isn't the projection slightly incorrect for a web map?

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