I'm trying to use CQL filters in WFS, like (with proper URL encoding):

&cql_filter=strEqualsIgnoreCase(name, 'Jane Doe')
&cql_filter=strMatches(name, '(?i).* doe')

But this tells me, e.g.:

java.lang.ClassCastException: org.geotools.filter.function.FilterFunction_strMatches cannot be cast to org.opengis.filter.Filter

The CQL and ECQL documentation claims:

CQL/ECQL can use any of the filter functions available in GeoServer.

The functions I'm trying to use are listed there, and I can indeed use some of the other functions, like the following works just fine:

&cql_filter=strToLowerCase(name) like '% doe'

However, many other functions throw an error like above.


The solution is simple: anything that yields a boolean value must be explicitly compared to true. Like (with proper URL encoding):

&cql_filter=strEqualsIgnoreCase(name, 'Jane Doe') = true
&cql_filter=strMatches(name, '(?i).* doe') = true

For me, this error pops up when I export an SLD style from QGIS and load it into geoserver.

Specifically, in my styles the 'escape' and 'rotation' and 'dingbats' are where the errors sit.

escape --> escapeChar
<se:Rotation\> --> <se:Rotation></se:Rotation>
D050000L --> Dingbats

I'm sure there are others, and upgrades, and the like. But these types of nits often come up in Geoserver's Java parsing.

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