I've done some "Googling" on this but can't quite figure it out. Is it possible to run a script that uses Arcpy on a Mac?

I have Parallels so it works for me but my co-workers do not.

  • You cannot install ArcGIS on a Mac (Windows only), therefore you cannot use ArcPy – gene Dec 29 '16 at 19:53

ArcPy is a site package bound to a release of Python associated with ArcGIS Desktop (Windows -- 32-bit or 64-bit, with Background Geoprocessing installed) or ArcGIS Server (Windows and Linux -- 64-bit). One of these packages must be installed to import arcpy (and only from the version of Python installed by ArcGIS).

There is no MacOS-compatible version of arcpy without Windows emulation technology.

If the task is compatible with ArcGIS Server operation, you may be able to submit a geoprocessing task to Server in a native Python from a MacOSX machine, but that's a far cry from native execution.

  • That's we finally ended up realizing but unfortunately it's $50,000 to buy ArcGIS Server so maybe in another life! Thanks for the help. – Uma Mar 21 '17 at 19:09

Have you looked into alternatives? Geotools has a lot of the same features as ArcMap (including reading/writing shape files). I know you're looking for a python solution, but I think there are numerous python clones (or perhaps even some sort of interface lib).


The GDAL library python bindings may suits you. GDAL support hundreds of vector and raster formats (ESRI shape files too).

You can get precompiled GDAL with python bindings for example from NextGIS network installer (check the necessary software in installer interface). See blog post here: http://nextgis.com/blog/installer/

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