I would like to plot a point in a Folium map. Not a circle, just a point (i.e. without a radius).

I would like for them not to zoom in if I do, but just stay as a point.

I have

   fmap.circle_marker(location=[row["lat"],row["lon"]], popup=row["tower"])

I've tried setting the radius to 0, and the fill_color/fill_opacity to 0 as well, but it still displays a circle.

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The folium documentation states that there is different types of markers you can use, the circle marker you are trying to implement does excactly what your'e experiencing.

Try using:

fmap.marker(location=[row["lat"],row["lon"]], popup=row["tower"])

This should print a normal dot.

Else look at the folium documentation under the quick start guide page 4

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