I have succeeded drawing polygons depending on long/lat coordinates as in the following link


However, what I want to do more is to specify a different color for each polygon, depending on other filed that contains different value for each polygon.

Is it possible to draw polygons with different styles?

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See this link for your answering your question, or follow the steps below:

You can set different styles to a layer by using a function (here: styleFunction) that is bound to the layer:

 var layer = new ol.layer.Vector({
    source: source,
    style: styleFunction

The styleFunction can have two arguments: feature and resolution. Feature refers to a specific item of your layer that you want to style specifically (so it is your case: each polygon must be styled differently). Resolution refers to the map resolution, and it is useful when you want to render things (such as icon size) differently as a function of the scale.

function styleFunction(feature, resolution) {...}

Then, in the styleFunction, you can access some field of you data using something like:

var myfield = feature.get('myField');


var myfield = feature.values_.myField;

You may have directly something for styling in the fields of your data (such as html color code) or you have to create some function to render you polygons according to some properties (such as, if (myfield > x) {var mycolor = ...}).

Hope it's helping!


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