The below code works to change the Graphic Symbol and Geometry in ArcGIS 3.18 JavaScript API.

        * Create a point graphic
        var pointX = new Point({
            longitude: location.long,
            latitude: location.lat

        var templateX = new InfoTemplate({
        title: "${Name}",
        content: "Id: ${Id}"

        var pointGraphicX = new Graphic(
            markerSymbolGreen, {
                Id: deviceId,
                Name: name,
            }, templateX); 

        assets.graphic = pointGraphicX;
        map.graphics.add( pointGraphicX);

        if (assets.graphic != null){
            if(data.sensors.temp > 25) {
            } else {

        var newPoint = new Point({
            longitude: newlocation.long,
            latitude: newlocation.lat

But setSymbol() or setGeometry() is not a method in the ArcGIS 4.2 JavaScript API Class.

According to https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/latest/guide/working-with-props/index.html, I've tried

assets.graphic.symbol = markerSymbolRed

But it seems it's not working.

How do I change the Symbol and Geometry of existing graphic Symbol in ArcGIS 4.2 JavaScript?

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To update a graphic, you first have to remove that graphic, then, add it again with its new properties

//make a new MarkerSymbol with your condition returning the desired color
//make a new Point with updated coords and containing the new MarkerSymbol
//make a new Graphic with the new Point

It is also possible to update the symbol on an existing graphic using the following code:

      graphic.set('symbol', symbolObj);

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