Using the information in this question, I managed to unpack a random small mbtiles vector tile map from osm2vectortiles.org and load it locally in a browser using npm http-server, based on this OpenLayers example. This leaves me with this question, when I download the world map for zoom level 0-5 from osm2vectortiles.org, I seem strange triangles tiles appearing in the sea at level 2,3,4 and 5. Please see the screenshot. Land looks perfect.

How can I resolve this?

water triangels

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This appears to be caused by a bug in openlayers


either get a version of openlayers with that fixed or make sure your water polygon has a stroke when you set it's style. I used this to fix this issue.

function createMyStyle() {
    var strokedPolygon = new ol.style.Style({fill: fill, stroke: stroke});
    var styles = [];
    return function(feature, resolution) {
        var length = 0;
        var layer = feature.get('layer');
        if (layer == 'water') {
            styles[length++] = strokedPolygon;
        } .....all the other styles
        styles.length = length;
        return styles;

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