Our GIS Server setup includes 1SOM and 2SOC servers. I am getting this error in Server log. I have tried several settings but none seem to fix the issue, looking for some feedback on what is the actual fix.

Error1: Server Object instance creation failed on machine

Error2: Server has no associated SOC machines or all SOC machines are at capacity. Add a SOC machine or change the capacity of the available SOC machines

Thanks Jay

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Has this ever worked, or are you just setting things up for the first time now?

Issues I have encountered in the past:

  • licensing (you might never even see an error message about licensing, but an expired license can suddenly cause bizarre error messages)
  • access - your AGS map service should reference the MXD / MSD via a network share that can also be seen by the SOC servers (e.g. \\SOM_SERVER\ags_stuff\maps.msd). Also all data should be accessible via the SOC machine from its path in the map document. If data comes from a database ensure the SOC servers can make the connection, if you're using Shp / FGDB they should also be on a network share

I can only say that I also had the first error and I solved it like this:

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