I have a table with polygon geometries and need to get a list of polygon vertices. Using select sde.st_astext(geometry_column) from table_name; I can get the WKT representation of the polygon but I'd prefer a list of x, y values as it's easier to read.

This question is about getting the desired result from Oracle / SDE but for reference, in PostgreSQL / PostGIS I would likely use a combination of ST_DumpPoints and ST_X or ST_Y to create this list. However, I don't see how to perform the same task in Oracle / SDE.

How do I generate a list of X,Y values from a polygon geometry in Oracle / SDE?


If you were to use WKT into QGIS with the QUICK WKT plugin, that would get you to formed polygon geometry, and then:

Vector -> Geometry tools -> Extract nodes


Vector -> Geometry tools -> Extract Geometry column

This should get you to with X and Y columns

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