I am very new to programming (I started learning this semester) and would very much appreciate helop with one piece of a project. I have the following table, and I need to write a script compatible with Arc10 that will extract some statistics from it. Specifically, I need to obtain a total of all the areas, and then a percentage describing how much of the total area each class of land takes up. If someone knows of a tool or command I should use, that would be a lot of help, even without a script. Thank you in advance to anyone who wants to help an extremely raw beginner.

Id_1    LandClass   F_AREA

    0   Mixed Forest    15612315.78
    0   Softwood Forest 2161121.455
    0   Wetland         2255656.822
    0   Grassy          27009516.24
    0   Hardwood Forest 10345393.4
  • I'm writing a python script for a class project, so I have to do everything using Python, especially since I'm creating a tool that will be (hopefully) useable by students who aren't familiar with Arc GIS at all. Thank you for your help, I'm finally making some progress again. – user6572 Mar 27 '12 at 14:29

I'm going to assume that this table is within ArcMap because you calculated the area of each feature in the third column. To extract values from a table that resides in a current ArcMap document, you need to use cursors. These ArcPython objects loop through each row in a table and allow you read and/or write to that table. If you are only reading information, the loop will be much faster if you use a SearchCursor; if you want to edit table values, you'll have to use an UpdateCursor.

There are a lot of different ways to go with cursors, but the simplest thing to sum the total area of all features, store it in a variable, then run the division for each feature and store the % of the total in a new field called "Percent_Area" or something like that. I'm assuming you know basic Python.

import arcpy

#Below is the name of the table layer in ArcMap.
InputTable = "My Table"

#This searchCursor reads the total area of all features.
TotalArea = 0.0
TableCursor = arcpy.SearchCursor(InputTable)
for TableRow in TableCursor:
    TotalArea += TableRow.getValue("F_AREA")
del TableRow
del TableCursor
#At this point 'TotalArea' variable is the sum of all feature areas

#This updateCursor saves the % values for each feature
TableCursor = arcpy.UpdateCursor(InputTable)
for TableRow in TableCursor:
    CurrentArea = TableRow.getValue("F_AREA")
        # area for this feature
        # relative area percentage for this feature
del TableRow
del TableCursor

For such a small table and such a simple operation it would probably be easiest to just run Summary Statistics to get the total area and then do Field Calculator on a new field to calculate the percentage, but I'm assuming you are using Python for a reason.

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    Nice clear example. I added some code comments to help the python beginner this Q is aimed at. For better portability use arcpy.Describe() to retrieve the name of the Area field, example at Determining Shape Area Field Name – matt wilkie Jul 28 '15 at 17:43

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