I create a new WMS connection using QGis 2.18 from this URL:


Now I want export to ECW file in according to specific coordinates. I read some article about this but a the moment I'm not able to reproduce .ECW file output.

Using the python console to prepare offline maps from WMS (tile)
Generate Map Tiles with QGIS

Any suggestions?

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    Free ECW SDK since version 4.x is read-only. With older SDK versions you are allowed to output ECW but only if the size of the source image is under the limit which I do not remember. I would consider using some free format, like tiled GeoTIFF with internal JPEG compression.
    – user30184
    Jan 5, 2017 at 13:13

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You cannot export WMS in QGIS to ecw image format since it is a proprietary format (QGIS can only read that format), noted in the q/a below:

Can QGIS2 / GDAL convert to .ECW without corruption?

You can use QGIS to convert to geotif than use another software to convert from geotif to ecw.

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