I'm creating a python plugin for different users that has the layers that each person need to use and work with in QGIS.

I have no trouble adding rasters from Geoserver using the following code:

        wmsTicketDSM= QgsRasterLayer('contextualWMSLegend=0&crs=EPSG:27700&dpiMode=7&featureCount=10&format=image/png&layers=Ticket_DSM&password=XXXXXXXXXXXX&styles=&url=', 'Ticket_DSM', 'wms')
        if not wmsTicketDSM.isValid():
            print "Layer wmsTicketDSM failed to load!"
            print "Raster Layer wmsTicketDSM loaded!"

Now I need to add basemaps. How to add a Google Satellite map on python?

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