I am looking for research papers (conference/journals) on the topic of SWE (Sensor Web Enablement) and SOS (Sensor Observation Service) also dealing/including security aspects.

I have already found some sources (after cleaning up, will post them here too) but you could post any expert material or websources where to search.

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If by "security aspects", you mean SWE/SOS as used in security systems, you might try googling "alternatives to incarceration gps".

Some might consider this a form of geoslavery. Coincidentally, a disproportionate number of the companies in this market, like GpsAim, seem to be based south of the Mason-Dixon line.


You can also find some papers from the previous SWE workshops in IEEEXplore.


You may want to check the publications related to "Geoshield": https://sites.google.com/site/geoshieldproject/home

Some related conf slides: http://www.slideshare.net/mantonovic/supsi-geo-shieldsgm2011

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