I'm evaluating the ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension to see if it suits our needs. I've created a Python script that will run some data reviewer checks and I can confirm that is successfully writes results of invalid values to the Reviewer Table.

From there, I can use the Data Reviewer 'Options' button in ArcGIS to manually export the table to a spreadsheet or to run a report.

I would like to be able to export this data from the reviewer table using Python to fully automate the process. However, I cannot find any way of doing so.

Is there any way to extract the Reviewer Table data using Python?

(Note that I can see that there are a set of tables in the reviewer GDB that I could theoretically query, but they are a set of related tables that would take a lot of work to get the data out in the same format as the reviewer table - which I guess is really just a view over this set of tables. Can I do it without trying to recreate the Reviewer Table from these other low-level tables?)

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