I've got a SceneView with a FeatureLayer, and I'm trying to catch every click on a PictureMarkerSymbol to display additional data under the map.

The map works well, so do symbols and popups, but I never catch any event, am I missing something?

], function(
    Map, SceneView, FeatureLayer, UniqueValueRenderer, PictureMarkerSymbol, on
) {

    var map = new Map({ ... });   
    var view = new SceneView({ ... });

    view.then(function() {

        var renderer = new UniqueValueRenderer({ ... });
        var pins = [...];
        pins.forEach(function (element) {
            new PictureMarkerSymbol({ ... })

        layerMarkers = new FeatureLayer({
            title: "Labels Layer",
            url: "...",
            definitionExpression: "...",
            renderer: renderer,
            outFields: ["*"],
            popupTemplate: { ... }

        layerMarkers.on("click", function (evt) {  
            console.log(evt.graphic.attributes);  // No output??



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I finally figured out how to catch these events.
I'm not allowed to listen for click events on a FeatureLayer, nor on a Map, but I still can listen it on my SceneView, and use the hitTest() function to get the related symbol:

// Listen for SceneView click events
view.on("click", function (evt) {  
  // Search for symbols on click's position
      // Retrieve the first symbol
      var graphic = response.results[0].graphic;
      if (graphic) {
        // We now have access to its attributes

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