How can I calculate density map of cycleways (line feature) which refers to net grid in ArcGIS?

Result by using function Line Density in ArcGIS for me is not satisyfing.

I created reference grid net by using Fish net. Now I would like to know how many m or km of cycleways occure in every grid to create density map. I enclose youtube link from QGIS program with result which I would like to achieve in ArcGIS.


Is it possible?

  • I used the steps described by PolyGeo♦ but for some reason it doesn't work for me, I only get zeros and not the length per gridcel... any ideas why that might be? Thanks – Saskia Cathrin Martin Nov 8 '18 at 12:35

To do this I would:

  1. Intersect your cycleways and the fishnet
  2. Use Summary Statistics to SUM the lengths of the intersected cycleways by fishnet polygon ID
  3. Use Join Field to join the summed lengths back onto your fishnet using fishnet polygon ID as the join field
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  1. Fishnet as reference surface
  2. Intersection to get each line the Grid number
  3. Dissolve refer to Grid number to sum up all ShpLength in each Grid number
  4. From grid feature, use join by attribute to join the sum_Shp_Length value back using the Grid ID or Grid ObjID or Grid Name as a reference
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