I'm having a struggle with SVM classification in QGIS OrfeoToolbox.

I used to work with RandomForest in R, but now I'm trying to figure out how the SVM algorithm works. I guess there would also be similarity between those packages(another topic).

Because I've no scripts nor knowledge about "e1071-SVM-Kernel" package, I've found a plugin within OrfeoToolbox; it simply requires a shapefile(polygons with values) and .xml file which includes every values for polygons in each bands.

My workflow was;

  • Creating Polygons with mean & sd values for each band I used in. which was numbered over 30k.
  • Then I've exported that shapefile into .xml like OGR plugin required from me.

Problem started in this point; Whenever I try to compute and right after train a model for final prediction, plugin doesn't produce any output even if I've executed it smoothly.

The modules I've used in a row are;

  1. ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics
  2. TrainOGRLayersClassifier
  3. OGRLayerClassifier

Step 3 doesn't work just because I've got no model from step 2, even if I define the output into a file.

What would be the problem? I hope I've set the problem clearly.

P.S. there's no warning nor error in the process when I execute it. There's nothing wrong with module Log. P.SS I'm using QGIS 2.14.7 with all the modules in it.

  • Try using Montiverdi instead OTB plugin inside QGIS or use command line if you have inputs ready. Maybe QGIS crash with 30k features. – aldo_tapia Jan 11 '17 at 19:28

I am not sure to understand the workflow you're trying. Perhaps you can start from the OTB cookbook recipes for pixel based classification:


It will help you to go from samples selection using an input vector training set (polygons) to the learning and the classification process.

The workflow used multiple applications.

Fo just a quick test you can try the "all in one" application TrainImagesClassifier :


  • Thanks a lot for that cook book, there's a lot for digging! I basically use attribute table to train my shapefile. Creating a new column named as "Class, class or C_ID" after then selecting the polygons to assign classes with numbers "1,2,3,4.. etc.". That's what I did when I used RF algorithm lately to train my polygons. – Hüseyin Özgür Doğan Jan 24 '17 at 16:09

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