I am able to query a feature layer using the following code

          var query = new Query();
          var geometry = null;
          query.returnGeometry = true;
          query.outFields = ["*"];
          query.where = "CONST LIKE '%"+searchString+"%'";
              var resultsArray = results.features;

However after collecting the results I would like to be highlighting the returned features on the mapView. The results however didn't return a 'graphics' attribute for me to add to the map layer which is why I am stuck.

How do I add features to the mapView using the returned features array?

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I have a good example as an answer to my own question. Each feature in results.features should have its own geometry. If you know that it is a polygon geometry, you can instantiate a new polygon like so: new Polygon{rings:feature.geometry.rings}). This is a valid graphic to add to a graphics layer.

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