I have installed QGIS Server on Ubuntu 14.04

I do get a valid WMS response trying to reach


Next step I've done is trying to add a *.qgs map file and loading it back in QGIS 2.18.

There should be 2 layers served as WMS in that particular project, however I only get to see one called identified by 0 which is also my project title...

How come my layers are not showing up ?

 <Layer queryable="1">
<BoundingBox CRS="EPSG:31370" maxx="91244.8" minx="77053.8" maxy="203167" miny="189038"/>

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I had the same issue but on Windows and the OSGeo4W installation. In my case it was due to the fact that I didn't save the login information to connect to the database in the qgis-project.

-> Make sure that your project file has access and proper rights for your data sources.

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